Escape the Waiting Room

presented on Jan 7, 2017

Today is our first teaching of the new year of this exciting new series over the book of Acts entitled, “A Disruptive Church”. For the early church around 100 AD, they were reclaiming not only their faith but the story of how they as a tribe came to be. They looked back and began to recount the stories of how they survived through persecution, feelings of aloneness after the resurrection of Jesus, and wrestling with how to be at peace. This message became extremely important to this group living in 100 AD and is one that is of power for us as well!

This teaching is entitled “Escaping the Waiting Room.” As we move into the new year, are there fears, anxieties, concerns, painful experiences that need to be left behind before walking in the new year? If so, this week may speak to your heart as well as mind.