A Disruptive Church: Acts

A Disruptive Church: Acts

started on Jan 7, 2017

Does God still disrupt lives and societies today? Would a picture of a God that challenges the traditions of the day be something we embraced or violently opposed?

The early church embraced a new way of life that was so disruptive it caused the political, religious, and economic systems to loudly and violently protest this new movement.

It flipped everything upside down.

This movement changed the way people lived, worshiped, thought about themselves, who was in and who was out.

It created new realities and upset the pre-existing convictions of the day.

The way it's "always been done before" was challenged and through this God broke through to the world using a tiny community of people we call church.

They lived faithful lives.

Challenged the old way of doing things.

Stood with conviction against worn out systems.

They did this all by learning to move, breathe, and act as one.

Join us in this new series about a disruptive community that learned to embrace a disruptive God.