Words Sermon Notes

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 in series

We live in an age where we carelessly use words.

I love my dog, my mother, and pizza?
I can hate, a word meaning strong passion against a person, place or thing. So I can use this word for injustice, racism and — tomato sauce?
Could it be words today have lost some of their meaning because of the way we’ve misused them?

The Bible was written with deep meaning. Each ancient word, whether Hebrew or Greek, paints layered pictures of meaning that our
language today lacks.
Each word brings multiple ideas to life — God breathed.
Each word invites the reader into a deeper and deeper relationship with the world around them.

We invite you to experience WORDS — words the way words were meant to be experienced.
We invite you to journey into the layers of texture and meaning that only ancient words can provide.
Join us as we experience WORDS again.

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